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Lord Jesus, Son of God, salvation of the world,
grant me Thy wisdom,
that I might uncover the mysteries of this world,
grant me Thy strength,
that I might withstand them.

The Prayer of St. Sofia

Domine Iesu, Filium Dei, orbis terrae salus,
da mihi sapientiam tuam
ut arcanos huius mundi aperiam,
da mihi roborem tuum
ut illis obsistam.

Votum Sancta Sophia

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Sisters of the Immaculate Fire is a role-playing game sourcebook of supernatural investigation set in the late 19th century. It details the S.I.F., a mystically inclined order of Catholic sisters who investigate and deal with supernatural incidents around the world.

The sourcebook is divided into several chapters. The Sisters covers the history, purpose and organization of the order itself, from its origins in early modern Portugal down to the end of the 19th century. Artifacts and Relics, Enigmas, Mysterious Places, and Unusual People provide a catalogue of people, places and things the S.I.F. is likely to encounter in the pursuit of their unique vocation, while The Duchy of Witzburg is a brief sample setting, a small fictional member state of the German Empire. Finally, Miscellany offers a few odds and ends useful for an S.I.F. game.